Mission & Philosophy

St. Teresa Catholic School, an integral component of St. Teresa Parish, serves the community by passing on the Catholic faith and values while immersing the student within a Christ-centered environment. A continued partnership of St. Teresa Parish, families, and staff within a tradition of academic excellence will provide students the opportunity to learn about the Church’s teachings, to incorporate them in their daily life, and to take an active role in addressing social concerns. We are committed to serve the children and families who desire a Catholic education.  It is our mission to inspire lives of faith, lifelong learners and compassionate leaders through a tradition of academic excellence within a Catholic, faith-filled community.


St. Teresa School consists of teachers, staff, students and parents. Together we become a school community – a school family. Together we share the responsibility of teaching our students guided by our faith in God and our prayers to our Blessed Mother, Mary.


We provide a Christ-centered education which empowers students to discover and reach their full potential spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially and morally.


St. Teresa Catholic School empowers students in their journey of faith, promotes academic Excellence and inspires life-long service. We nurture and sustain the God-given gifts of every person, especially students, to be used in service to the Mission of Jesus.