St. Teresa Athletic Association (STAA)


  • SEC 1: To assist the grade school youth of the parish by raising funds to further their activities in the school’s athletic programs.
  • SEC 2: To assist the youth of the Parish in becoming morally sound, mentally alert and physically fit.
  • SEC 3: To interest the parents of the Parish youth in the extracurricular activities of their children.
  • SEC 4: To approve the Athletic Department annual operating budget.
  • SEC 5: To approve any specific expenditure above the amounts of the annually approved budget.

STAA By Laws

Championship Athletics:


Current Officers:

President – Stephanie Tegtmeier

Vice President – Tracy Gray

Treasurer – Chuck Reeves

Secretary – Kevin Vosse


Athletic Director (AD) Staff:

Athletic Director – Joe Voss

Assistant AD – Bob Petz

Assistant AD – Tim Becherer