Chess Tournament Jan 2016 3 girls arm in arm smiling front in front of st teresa on the school 2      4 kids in front of school (Herzing, Forhan)2      2015 Graduation photo by Jeff Palow         094  093  Basketball Team and Coach Joe  _2 Cross photo cut        MASS SARA        church - Boy praying close up      St. Teresa School 2014             BOYS BREAKTHROUGH         BIRDSONG KIDDOS         GOSEBRINK         CROWD YELLING        Computer room photo - K-8 Campus             546           084           Girls Basketball Huddle 2015           St  Teresa students at computers           MASS TEACHERS        Family Lunch Cunninghams 2015         077           071        St  Teresa Computer Cart     7th Grade Girls Volleyball Team Regional 1st place winners

K -8th Grade Campus  618-235-4066



 EEC Front Door     Lunch time Playground

Pre-K Center for 3-4 yrs old  618-416-7366



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St. Teresa Catholic School K-8

Pre-K Center for 3-4 yrs old