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What is the Annual Fund Challenge?

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Thank you to all of our donors!

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What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is a special fund which pays for the necessary school expenses which tuition does not cover.  Some examples of these expenses are utilities and teachers’ salaries.  The Annual Fund allows us to close that gap and to cover all of the costs which are necessary to keep the school doors open and running. Once the Annual Fund goal is met, we can implement capital campaigns such as the S.T.E.M. Lab Capital Campaign which brings new and exciting improvements to the school.

“I already have so many bills to pay.  Why should I give to the Annual Fund?  Isn’t that what tuition is for?”

It seems crazy, but tuition alone does not cover nearly all the costs of educating one student.  Facilities, Faculty, Salaries, Utilities, the list goes on and on.  All are supported by the Annual Fund.  Your school depends on this additional support to keep the lights on.

Why don’t you just raise tuition and get rid of the Annual Fund?

We want to give as many families the opportunity to give their children a Catholic, faith-based education.  If we raise the tuition to cover this gap, many families would not be able to afford to send their children to St. Teresa.   Our church and school exist because of its community.  In order to keep our community strong, we need to keep students in the classrooms and families in our parish.  By raising tuition it will effect our community.  If you look at it in another way,  when you give to the annual fund, you are helping to keep tuition costs down.  Ultimately, you are helping give another child an opportunity to receive a Catholic education, who may not have been able to afford it if we raised tuition.

What is the Annual Fund Team?

The Annual Fund Team is a team of St. Teresa Community members working together to raise funds for the school.   Each school year, the Annual Fund team needs the community to come together in order reach our yearly Annual Fund Goal.  These team members are ambassadors of the message: “The Power of One… the Impact of Many”.  If every person in the parish community would contribute just what they can, the impact would be incredible.  The Annual Fund Team is a team of volunteers who help with the Annual Fund Campaign and all tasks needed to meet that necessary Annual Fund Goal.  Event planning/hosting, alumni lists, spirit wear sales, call nights, data entry, making copies, mailings, and thank you notes, are some of the ways the Annual Fund Team could use your help.

Why should I join the Annual Fund Team and why is this organization different?”

There are many organizations which help raise money for the school and we  are so grateful for all of those in our St. Teresa family who give us such generous and incredible support.  The school has been the top school in the area for many years and without each and every one of these organizations providing for the school, we would not be the strong community that we are. 

Each year our priority is to first meet the Annual Fund Goal.  By raising the money to keep the school running, our students have the opportunity to receive all of the “extras” that many of our school and parish organizations provide.

“I don’t like asking others for money.”

There are so many tasks which are needed in order to help the school reach the Annual Fund Goal.  There are many other ways to help other than “asking”. 

What are some of the Annual Fund Events?

Annual Fund Challenge, Alumni  Family and Friends Happy Hours, Thank you events, Catholic School’s Week Happy Hour, Raffles, and more.

What is the Annual Fund Challenge?

The Annual Fund Challenge is one of the most important ways to reach our Annual Fund Goal.  It is our way of communicating to families and students, what the Annual Fund is and that if everyone gives what they can, it makes a huge impact.  Last year we were able to raise the majority of the Annual Fund needs early in the year through the Annual Fund Challenge.  This helped with financial planning in order to put the S.T.E.M. Lab Project in motion.

Like incentives used in other fundraisers such as the  STAA magazine drive Limo Lunch incentive, parents purchasing ice cream days or out of uniform days at the auction,  we offer the students incentives to help be ambassadors of the Annual Fund. 



1. For students who pray for the school and the success of  the Annual Fund by the end of the challenge, those students will receive a PARTICIPATION NON UNIFORM DAY PASS for the approved day of their choice.

2. If every student/family, faculty, staff and school board member participates in the annual fund challenge  by donating $1.00 or more, the entire student body will receive a SCHOOL WIDE POPCORN MOVIE PARTY.

3.  Every student who brings in a donation will have a chance to win a daily or weekly prize.  The top 5 fundraisers will win a  limo ride and afternoon to Centerfield putt putt game center.


1.  For those students/families who raise $50.00 or more for the school they will receive a  BONUS NON UNIFORM DAY PASS to use on an approved day of your choice,  2017 Annual Fund Challenge T -shirt, 2 bonus chances for the prize cart, and a chance to win a LIMO RIDE & afternoon at Centerfield.

2.  For those students/families who raise $250.00 or more for Annual Fund, those students will receive  5 additional chances to win the COSMIC LIMO RIDE & afternoon at Centerfield, 5 additional chances for the PRIZE CART, 1 chance to win Free Tuition (Jan 2016-May 2016  $1,500.00 value) plus all incentives from the $50.00 or more Bonus.

3.  If the Annual Fund Goal of $50,000 is met by the end of the challenge, the ENTIRE STUDENT BODY will receive a “DAY OFF SCHOOL AT SCHOOL”.  Date TBA