Electronic White Envelope – November 10, 2017

Electronic White Envelope Attachment – November 10, 2017

This week’s EWE is full of information.  The first page has another spirit wear order form because so many people request that Mrs. Brandenburger put together another order.  The closing date of this order will be November 21.  There is also information about the Lip Sync and Chess Team in page one.  Page two has information from the PTO about their meetings, the tiger dollars, Schnucks program, and of course the auction.  Page three has Holiday Game Night, Santa’s Cottage, and Penny Wars information.  Finally page four has this years Annual Fund Prayer, the tax information letter, a thank you from Mrs. Gosebrink, and an introduction of our new music teacher/librarian-Gina Walker.  Don’t skip over the pages you think don’t apply to you, because there are other pieces of information throughout the 4 pages.

Finally, on behalf of the staff and students at St. Teresa School I would like to wish everyone a Happy Veterans Day, and say thank you to all of you who have sacrificed and served our great country.  Your service, and the service of so many before you, are the reason we have the freedoms we have and can live the lives that we do.  I pray that we never forget or take for granted the sacrifices that have been made on our behalf.

God Bless You,

Mr. Birdsong