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Child Protection Training Schedule (3-7-17 Revised)  New Training Dates added in time for end of the year field trips:  Initial Child protection Training Schedule PDF


April:  April 2017


April 24th:  PTO Meeting  Flyer – 2017 March PTO nomination info

April 25th:   PTO Dinner Auction Non-Uniform Day (Only for those who purchased them at the 2017 Dinner Auction)

April 25th:  Pre-K Spring Open House  7:00-8:00pm at the Pre-K Center  3 yr old program:   9-1-13 through 8-31-14  4 yr old program:  9-1-12 through 8-31-13  Spring 2017 Pre-K Open House Flyer

April 26th:  7th Grade Springfield Trip

April 27th:  STAA Cardinal Baseball Game depart at 11:30am

April 28th:  Annual Fund Popcorn Movie Party AM/Field Day begins at Noon

April 28th:  Progress Reports

April 28th:  Tigerette End of the Year Celebration and Award Ceremony 3:15-4:30pm in the Parish Center

April 30th:  First Communion


May 1st:  PTO Meeting

May 1st:  Brownie Troop Crayola Drive  Crayola Drive Flyer

May 1st:  First Communion Breakfast  2nd Grade Day Off

May 5th:  12:00pm Dismissal – Faculty Meeting

May 5th:  8:30-10:30am Annual Fund Challenge Centerfield Park /Limo Ride for those who earned/won the fun outing

May 5th -6th:  Spring Musical  School Gym  7:00pm  For more info call Nilufer Fries  at 618-567-1765  MUSICAL FINAL REMINDERS 2017   Musical Flyer

May 7th:  First Communion

May 8th:  First Communion Breakfast

May 8th:  6:00pm Band Concert in the Gym

May 9th:  2nd Grade Field Trip to Magic House

May 9th:   PTO Dinner Auction Non-Uniform Day (Only for those who purchased them at the 2017 Dinner Auction)

May 10th:  Annual Fund Challenge Day off School at School DAY OFF SCHOOL AT SCHOOL PARENT LETTER 2017    Joust Waiver – Twist and Bounce

May 12th:  8th Grade Trip to Hanibal

May 15th:  8th Grade Awards Dinner

May 16th:  8th Grade Last day

May 16th:  5th Grade Field Trip to Busch Stadium and Old Courthouse in St. Louis

May 17th – Althoff School Picnic

May 18th:  6th Grade Field Trip to City Museum

May 19th:  1st Grade Critter day

May 19th:  Pre-K Field Day

May 19th – 8th Grade Graduation 7:00pm in the church

May 19th:  Pre-K Field day

May 20th:  8th Grade Graduation Party  St. Clair Country Club

May 22nd:  K & 1st Grade Field Trip to the Zoo   3rd & 4th Grade Field Trip to Fun Spot

May 23rd:  Pre-K Last Day/4 year olds to the Main Campus for rehersal

May 23rd:  Pre-K End of the Year Program  in the Parish Center @ 6:30pm

May 24th:  Confirmation 7:00pm in the church

May 24th – Awards Mass

May 25th:  Last Day of School (If no emergency days used/11:00am dismissal)

May 25th:  Report Cards

May 26th:  Faculty In-Service Meeting

May 29th:  No School – Memorial Day


June 2nd:  Tigerette’s Parade debuet in the Belleville Shriner’s Parade  Parade Kick off time:  7:30pm  Main Street Downtown Belleville

June 5th:  Last Day of School (If all 6 emergency days are used)

June 5th:  First day of St. Teresa Summer Camp  2017 summer camp flyer


July 13th:  St. Teresa Wine Tap Happy Hour

Dates to be determined:

Volunteer Mass

STAA Banquet

 Catholic School’s Week Schedule: Catholic Schools Week 2017


PTO:  Meetings –  August 22, November 21, February 27, April 24, May 1

Becky Blandina – President  beckyblandina@gmail.com

STAA:  St. Teresa Athletic Association 

Stephnie Tegtmeier – President  steff87@att.net

Men’s Club:  Meetings are the 2nd Monday of every month
Kevin Vosse – President vossek@oths.us

Perpetual Help:  Meetings are the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm    Kara Brandt – President  marknkara@sbcglobal.net

School Board:   Meetings are the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm