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Elementary School Office Staff

Secretary Rosemary Heinen
Secretary Vicky Dunn
Nurse Janine Gosebrink

Elementary School Faculty

Kindergarten Carrie Thouvenot
1st Grade Niki McAnulty
1st Grade Kim Welch
2nd Grade Maribeth Nelson
2nd Grade Aide Laura White
3rd Grade Jessica Hughes
4th Grade Brandy Lowe
5th Grade Dawn Spain
6th Grade Kerry Maguire
7th Grade Donna Klaus
8th Grade Jamie Dedmon
Computers Rachel Pehle
Physical Education Jessica Ysursa
Music and Library Gina Walker

Elementary School Support Staff

Athletic Director Joe Voss
Athletic Director Tim Becherer
Counselor Amy Champion
Director of Religious Education Jenifer Lohmann
Facility Manager Tom Whitworth
Food Service Administrator Sharon Sullivan
Lunch Menu
Cashier Vickie Dunn
Kitchen Aide Sue Potje

Msgr. Eichenseer Early Childhood Center (ECC) Office Staff

Secretary and Cook Chris Boivin

ECC Faculty

Pre-K Teacher (3 yrs.) Jeannie O’Dell
Pre-K Aide (3 yrs.) Katie Fietsam
Pre-K Teacher (4 yrs.) Beth Irwin
Pre-K Teacher (4 yrs.) Nichole Mueller
Pre-K Teacher (4 yrs.) Mary Sciarra
Pre-K Teacher Lisa Kohlenberger
Pre-K Aide (4 yrs.) Tracy Gray
Pre-K Aide Carolynn Lewis

ECC Support Staff

Lunchroom Aide Carl Reed