Welcome to Rosemary’s Corner

Rosemary's Photo at her desk  Mother's Day Billboard 2015 #1 354


Visit here often to hear her favorite quotes, favorite memories and Rosemary’s “Words of Wisdom”.

Rosemary Heinen is known and adored by so many families and students who have passed through the front doors of St. Teresa Catholic School.  This is a way to see what Rosemary is up to  and for her to let you know what is on her mind.


Mother's Day Billboard 2015 #1 356   Rosemary KMOV Channel 4

Rosemary Leading the Snow Dance


Rosemary’s Birthday Greeting

Rosemary’s Office Photo Gallery


Rosemary Surrendering and Waving the White Flag

Rosemary leading the office staff in her White Flag Surrender Parade – “Rosemary Style”

Rosemary Singing ‘Let it Go’ Take #1


Rosemary as “Elsa” singing  “Let it Go” with help from her Mini Elsa

Rosemary’s Anniversary